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shouldn breed this shrimp with another shrimp? can u share exp?

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It depends what your goal is, do you want more Tibees, more Taitibees, or what? If your goal is Pinto, then cross with Taiwan Bee, if your goal is more Tibees then cross with Tibees.


Did you breed this shrimp yourself? What was the cross to create this Tibee?

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How many generations did it take for you to obtain the shrimp in the 1st picture by crossing Tigers to CRS?

I guess it is not F1.

I have the same goal as you but I cross Red tiger to CRS. I think this way, the tiger's black stripes can be eliminated quicker.

However, the F1 I got from the cross all look like regular tiger (with black stripes) with a little bit of white.

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