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Anyone keep royal blue tigers?


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Is petco regular black sand fine?


I don't like it.


It release oil film to the surface.

and for blue shrimp, pool sand is better choice.

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We pay $11.00 for 50lbs for pool sand. The only reason I put my blues on it versus the black is so we can see them. My Bloody Marys, Neon Yellows, Red Tigers, and Tangerine Tigers are all on black. OEBTs and Blue Dream are on pool and I may switch the Red Tigers to pool too for better visibility.

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I have two colonies going at the moment. 


180 TDS, 6 GH, 3 KH


They are in eco-complete substrate which is basically crushed lava stones I believe. The small nooks and crannies provide a bit more surface area for micro fauna to grow, they are constantly picking through the substrate.  

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I have never kept RBT, but I did keep OEBT with my Taiwan Bee Tank. They did fantastic, just be sure to take your time in acclimating them. 

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