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Neocaridina Parasite?


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I have about 10 adult RCS in a planted tank, all is going well; plants are growing, females are becoming berried, and the fry are plentiful and growing. The tank has been running for almost 7 weeks now. About a week ago I noticed a white dot that seemed to move on the tip of one of my shrimp's "nose" (below the rostrum, not sure what this is called exactly), and the next day I noticed another shrimp with the white dot. I did some research and came across the parasties scutariella japonica and vorticella. I'm not completely sure that either of these are the exact culprit, but I followed the instructions that others have used to clear this up: a 30 second dip in 1 cup of tank water mixed with 2 Tbs of aquarium salt.


Here are two poor quality images of the presumed parasite. I'll try to get a more clear image tomorrow.


Does anyone have a clue as to what exactly this is? I've treated 5 shrimp in total, all have been from the second batch I purchased online (first batch was LFS). The treated shrimp have all done great after their treatment, and I've only had to treat one shrimp more than once. My dilemma now is that one of my nicest berried females has the parasite and I'm afraid to dip her because of the stress. How should I proceed? Any input is welcome.


Thank you!

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Not my video but i saw this a while back before i even kept shrimp. Is this what your shrimp have?


That's close, but not quite. There is only ever one worm/parasite/whatever at a time and it's located where the color stops and the antenna begins.

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