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my PH pen

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I believe if it dries out it effectively loses its calibration.


I reference the below for all things pH meter related.



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Distilled water will dilute probe reference liquid and response time will increase and reading would be unreliable.


Keep the probe wet and store is in storage solution.

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just added this to my amazon cart but wanted to make sure its the right thing.  Is this what you mean James?   Thanks!



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Yes, that's the correct one.


You should check out the first comment.







pH probes should never be stored in distilled water; it will cause the salts inside the probe to leech out, rendering it useless. Either storage solution or a buffer solution should be used.
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Oh my goodness, I have been storing mine in RO water


Is there any other solution that I can store it in except the storage solution as mentioned in the amazon link, as we dont get it around where I stay?


You can store it in the pH 7 buffer solution.

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