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Taiwan bee sale- Pinto shrimp sale


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Black zebra pintos $40 each- American breed -Guaranteed unsexed juvenile.post-471-0-94517600-1445647746_thumb.jpg

Red zebra pinto $80post-471-0-24171000-1445647761_thumb.jpgpost-471-0-85743200-1445647767_thumb.jpg

Black belly pinto $30 eachpost-471-0-49221200-1442968549_thumb.jpg

Black pandas $6 eachpost-471-0-57306700-1446908482_thumb.jpg

Blue bolts $8 post-471-0-57190800-1442968664_thumb.jpg

Shadow pandas $10 eachpost-471-0-89427200-1443099218_thumb.jpgpost-471-0-29705300-1442968448_thumb.jpg

Black king kong 1 stripe $15 each extreme $20 eachpost-471-0-25166700-1443099154_thumb.jpgpost-471-0-84408700-1442968913_thumb.jpg

Wine Red panda $16 eachpost-471-0-30443000-1443099349_thumb.jpgpost-471-0-74003400-1442968725_thumb.jpg

Hinomaru panda $15 eachpost-471-0-94783400-1442969143_thumb.jpg

Shipping will be $12 usps priority or $35 express

As always there is a live arrival guarantee no matter how they are shipped.




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I recognize those blue bolts! Looking forward to my rather large package :)

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Looking to add some Bees to my collection.  PM sent.

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The shrimp I got were top notch, especially at the prices he charges. What you see in his pics is usually what you get or better. I was new to this forum, but not new to shrimping, and was hesitant to purchase from the marketplace, but Matt made it easy. Fast shipping, safe packing, and excellent communication.

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Received my shrimps today and was very pleased with my purchase. So much attention was put into ensuring that the order arrived safely ; from double breather bags to ample insulation . Shrimp quality was excellent and better than advertised. Thanks again, Shrimpscales ! Pics to follow hopefully soon...

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