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free shipping @ foster&smith


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FREE economy ground shipping on all orders - NO MINIMUM! Ends Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015 @ 11:59 pm, CST. FREE shipping applies to economy ground shipping to 48 connecting states only. Additional shipping charges may apply for expedited and air shipments.


What stuff is good to get there?

All I can think of is dosing syringes...what else...

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Do the Max prefilters clog? I am using what looks like a finer pore one now, and it clogged on both my shrimp and fish tanks. Rinsing has not restored flow.


I noticed their price on the AC20 is $25.99, which is less than the current price on amazon. Haven't been keeping track of pricing on these, so I don't know what is good.

Media bags, airstones, test kits, peat seem to be reasonably priced...

The Picotope has gone up almost $20 since I got one a year ago, wow. I was hoping they had a better replacement light bulb for the kit, but I guess not.


(Plus they have supplies for other animals, as I'm sure most know.)

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