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Seeking reviews on Fraku-Aquaristik.de


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So i ordered 10 taiwan bee mischlings from shrimp-visions, which only 3 arrived alive (and in a water of gh20 , AND with a red thing going trough the tank which as certainly not a shrimp) and so this was most probably my first and last order i made from them. 

And i heard about this store http://www.fraku-aquaristik.de/and i want to know if anyone ordered from the store and thell me their experiences 

Have a wonderfull day

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As I mentioned already to you I did order from Fraku-Aquaristik.de and have only good experience with them.

I ordered 10 black orange eyed tigers about 3 years ago, when these were not available in the US.  It took

10 days in the mail to get to me and I thought for sure all would be dead.  When I opened the box I was very

surprised to find ALL 10 fully alive and very active.  They had been individually bagged and were wrapped in

newspaper to keep them warm.   I had them for quite a long time.


Maybe someone else has dealt with them too, can share their experience.

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