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hey NYC-area shrimpers, crayfishers, crabbers and more!

If you're an invert-fanatic like myself and reside in NYC, you've probably realized that for a city where you can get a cross-fit class or a shoe re-soled at 4am, were at a serious loss for LFS's - particularly those with a decent offering of inverts and invert-specialized products!

Petco has some options but quality and price is a joke

Pacific has some good options but $30 for a sickly cpo cray is bananas!

China Town/Flushing Queens has a few solid spots but tons of places have closed down and quality and selection is slim - and prices are silly!

Some outer-borough spots exist too... but again - quality and selection are weak!

Let's start a conversation and share our favorite spots, learn about best practices and maybe even form a group to share our experiences and inverts and maybe even figure out how to order some top quality inverts in bulk and share our hobby with the rest of this metropolis!

what do you think? Let's make it happen!!!



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I've been to many aquarium shops around Manhattan.


Pacific around delancy is by far the worst. They have many things available but the prices are insane. Cost $11 for a A-C grade CRS. $6 for a Sakura RCS


Petco gives pretty fair prices on shrimps depending on which ones you go to.


Petlanddiscount gives terrible prices and bad selections but at least they always have 10G tanks for $10!

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I've checked out monster - some spotty Chery's and occasionally a decent neo but this is NYC! we should have Sakura-a-gogo! I breed some pure reds but I'm just shocked that for such a major metropolis were stuck with Petco-grade neos... you'd think we'd have more options no? I'm hoping someone in NYC has some pure snowballs or high-grade rillis - crs be damned!

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I like Monster but don't really go there for the shrimp. I don't really go into Manhattan much since Win closed.

Pacific had some gorgeous marmalade orange crayfish one time that I visited. Poor things were housed together and one ripped another clean in half.

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