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Some type of Infection? Help!


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So I noticed one of my mischlings had a weird shaped head, like his nose is curling in and his wiskers fell off. He dead soon later. This tank has been having slow dead off for a couple months and I have about given up on it.

But my blue dream rili's whom I recently took out of this same tank have also been slowing dying. Before they were super hardy. At first I thought it was because I didin't cycle the tank but it's been a couple months and they are still slowing dying and not growing much, no berried one or anything.

They were growing really fast with tons of babies before!


Does this sound like an infection? All the premeters are testing within normal range. I use ro water and SS gh+


Can I save them and help them get back to how they were before?

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the mischlings aren't in the tank with the neos, I moved the neos into this tank a couple months ago from the mischling tank.

The bodies aren't paper white but I noticed some of them have a orange spot inside their head area.

It looks like the picture here.


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I'm restarting the tank and I'm going to add a bunch of leaves and got some stuff from buypetshrimp that's supposed to help with infection so we'll see what happens, so far no more have died in the bucket I have them in until the new is ready.

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