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Do you know what their claims are for being far superior? As the idea behind IAL are the tannins they leach?

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They claim the red leaves have a higher percentage of the chemicals and compounds that is beneficial. It sounds like its a stronger version of the brown or yellow IAL. To me it makes sense, hearing how red/orange fruits and vegetables are supposed to be better for us. I dont know I could be wrong.


 Just was curious if anyone has used them, another excuse to spend more money on shrimps. :thumbsu: 

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Update on the leaves.

 The leaves came in a very large bag (2gal ziploc) but was cut into 3inch by 3inch pieces. I wish it was in whole pieces. I boiled some pieces and it looks like this type has a lot more tannins. The water is very dark, much darker than the other IAL I have. The shrimp are grazing on it.

   Not sure if red IAL is better for the shrimp but if color of the boiled water is any indication maybe more tannins is better? Maybe it has more beneficial properties? Its hard to say.

I was sent so much that I wont need to buy any IAL for a long time and it was cheap.

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