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My new tank that I have been slowly buying for all summer.  I finally set it up today.  ; It will be a TB/mischling tank.  Experimenting with controsoil and only shrimp Daddy products.

Hope you enjoy the theme


On a side note... Do you know how hard it is to get 20 Gallons of RO water up 2 flights of stairs from the basement to the second floor?????  I will sleep well tonight.

Mayphly and scrimpscales.. start collecting neat looking shrimp for me for when this is cycled!!





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Wow looks great and very festive! You should get Extreme BKK and Tangerine Tigers or a combo like Andy said.

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You think TTs would do better in those parameters than Pumpkin neos or orange Rili   DET?  ( I know its not ideal for either)   I am all for the extreme BKK though!!

Not sure I want to let them the TB and tigers mix in this tank. I thought once this tank is running well I would add a project tank for TB and Tigers.  

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If your plan is to keep Taiwan Bees, then just be sure to acclimate the Tangerine Tigers to these water parameters, or even better attempt to purchase from someone here that already keeps them in these parameters. This will give you an opportunity to breed Tibees, that is, if your interested in that route. You might come up with some candy corn shrimp  :D

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