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Hello from the Tundra of Minnesnowta!


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Hello everyone!


Well .. where to start.  I have a farm in Minnesota where I was a horse breeder/trainer... raised Friesians and Friesian sporthorses .. something I wanted to do and loved all my life.  I've got an amazing husband who has a good job and could afford to fund the money sink that is a horse passion.  Unfortunately, I got sick a few years ago and everything changed.  Had to give up the career... so I went from lots of horses down to a few and got bored. I thought I would cheer myself up with a fish tank.  I had them when I was a kid and loved them.  So I went and bought a 55 gallon and when it was ready I was off to buy guppies and neons and gouramies... and .. what? a freshwater shrimp?  turns out the little guy was called a ghost shrimp.  Well I had to have some.  Of course the fish ate most of them, and the other hid out for a good 6 or 8 months, but eventually went exinct in their tank.  By the time they did I bet I had another 20 tanks and at least 10 kinds of shrimp I found on the internet.


I guess you could say I go all in on things.  I'm up to about 60 tanks now and I've pretty much given up the first floor of my house. I've found a new career it seems. I love my job.  I find myself in all my extra spare time, staring at my favorite tank... it has 8 kinds of caridinas in it and is a 75 heavily planted tank.  One of these days maybe a pinto will show up in there... I've got the tigers in there.. got the crystals in there, the blue bolts, the king kongs, the pandas the ..yeah.. I go all in.


It's all the ghost shrimp's fault. And the fish tank?  I still have it.  I'm waiting for the fish to die of old age so I can use it for a shrimp tank.


Nice to meet everyone! :D



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Thanks everyone!  I still consider myself a newbie.. I've had a really steep learning curve, but I work on my tanks every day.. trial and error as it were.  Thankfully I've not had too many mishaps.  

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