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F&N Studio Shrimp Arrived in USA


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Finally we got some shrimp from Taiwan Five & Nine Shrimp Studio, this is the first time their high quality shrimp available in USA, and we only post at TSS to share with our friends.

Don't miss the opportunity to own it and add new blood to your colony.


Check out their facebook fan group page here:



1. Taiwan Bee - Black Kingkong (Panda or Stripes) - Imported from F&N Studio


$10 each. unsexed juveniles



2. Taiwan Bee - Shadow Kingkong (Panda or Stripes) - Imported from F&N Studio - Sold Out


$15 each. unsexed juveniles



3. Taiwan F&N Studio Pure Red Line - SS Grade - Imported from F&N Studio - Very limited quantities


$40 each - Hino/No entry, unsexed juveniles

PM me for the on sale price (TSS member only)








Typical SS grade adult:



F&N Studio won multiple international shrimp competition champion titles, these are some trophies.



F&N Studio products

PN: Perfect Nutrition shrimp food, $12, 30 gram case
M9: Microbial Enzymes, $22, 50 mL glass bottle




$12.50 USPS Priority, free heat/cold pack if needed. LAG if arrived in three days.





DOA policy:

In case of DOA, All claims must be made within 2 hours of first delivery attempt, with pictures of unopened bags next to my shipping label.

I will refund all the DOA based on price per piece, shipping charge is non refundable.

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Will you be bringing in any of their tigers?


No plan to do that in near future.


Would be focus on their top quality PRLs.

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james do you still have shadow panda's available? if so how much


Let me check tonight and get back to you.

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