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power outage/mini cycle

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My sponge filters have gone 6 hours without air.
6-8 gallon tank @ 77F
Has a tiny HOB that has been running nonstop, so there has been filtration.
The one sponge is normal size for the tank, and the 2nd sponge is about 5" (at least twice as big as the other one).
These are RCS, hard to count because of the plants. Probably 30-50 of them.

People always caution about mini cycles after such events, but now that I've had one, I realize I'm not sure what to do now.
Like, when should I start testing params?
I was actually about to do a water change anyway, would that actually interfere with re-establishing the cycle?

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I wouldn't worry so much! You won't have any mini cycles because of the power outage.

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Figured I'd better be safe than sorry, right?

I wonder how long, without any filtration, would be an issue?

Anyway, checked my params, and then again later, and everything looks good.

I even managed the vacuum (airline, lol) without getting any little ones sucked up.

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I went through this very same thought process for a number of days about 6 months ago. I decided that the investment I had in my shrimp was not worth the loss, so I purchased an APC UPS 1500 system for all of my canister filters. It would keep all of my filters on for an additional 2 hours at the very least.

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