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My new shrimp tank almost done.


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Here is the before shot:


Here is the after shot:


The tank is 48 inches long with a hanging LED Light, and a DIY Flip Up Lid, it has four sections for shrimp, and one middle section where all of the media is, like a BioWheel 200 HOB, UV Sterilizer, Power Filter, Moving Water Filter, Peat Pellets, Bio Balls, Malaysia drift wood, Heater, Maple leafs, Indian Almond Leafs, Bio for shrimp.

Each Shrimp section has Fluval Shrimp Stratum, and Black Moon Sand on the top layer, one piece of Malaysia drift wood, one fallen Maple leaf, one small Indian Almond Leaf, Xmas Moss on most of the bottom, small cluster of miniature Alder cones, dual Sponge filter, small nano Filter to move water, one air stone, one shrimp tube, and one small plant. The only other that I am adding to each shrimp section will be a floating Moss cove, and small shrimp cave. There will be Malaysia Trumpet snails in the tank, and no other snails, and each section will have one small otto in it. The water moves around the tank from end to end. Everything is on a timer with backups. The cabinet is heavy duty, and has lots of space underneath to hold lots of supplies.

You can see into the middle section where all the media is from the top, but has my new logo on the front. On the right hand side, there will be room to put a second tank that I will use for emergency, if something major was to happen, so I could transfer all shrimp to the emergency tank, that I will stock with ottos

to keep it cycled.

If you look at the journal photos, you can see what I did as I went along, how I built it, starting with tank to substrate, to xmas moss, to plant, to sponges, to filter, to media, etc.

I am just waiting for the tank to cycle which will be any day now, and then I will put my shrimp in their new home and work on putting together the emergency tank that will by on the right hand side of this tank. Plus I have one 29 gallon tank that will have my one Leopard Discus in it, and one ten gallon tank that will be a planted xmas moss tank. I am only going to use xmas moss in my tanks, and the one plant is a combined Anacharis / Cabomba and that will be the only plant I allow in the tanks too.

Appreciate your opinions and what you think, any improvements, questions, etc. I have worked hard to make this a decent home for my new shrimp life hobby,

the last couple of months.

Thanks, Doc

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It is only a 14 gallon. It is long, but it is only 48 inches long by 8 inches wide by 9 inches tall.  48" X 8" X 9"


So, it looks bigger than it is, it is just long. But each shrimp section is plenty big for them, and then

the middle area won't have any shrimp or fish, or anything live, just media. With the filters though,

the water moves in a big long circle, and moves from end to end. With the stainless steel mesh

over the dividers, I will probably have to keep those clean a lot to make sure the water is moving.


With the sponge in each section, and the nano filter in each section though, each section would still

be okay on it's own.

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Louie, I could add more plants, but I feel like the xmas moss on the bottom and sides is good, and the one

plant that I combined will be a good strong plant, and I want to be able to see them more often. The moon sand

on the top layer of substrate is really Black, black, and shiny, and the shrimp will just pop on the substrate. They will

stand out when they are on the substrate, so with the plant, wood, sponge, filter, air stone, feeder dish, oak leaf,

and Indian almond leaf, I wanted to leave some of the nice substrate space too. The moss floor is half of the

floor, and will look like a lawn when it is grown in nice.

On my Leopard Discus tank, it will have a brick road, white picket fence, bridge, street lights, and picnic area,

with trees round it to look like a nice park. It's going to look cool!.....

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I never heard of that size tank.  Was it a display pet store tank and they ordered you a model?


Very unusual size .


I mentioned more plants only because I like plants lol but you set it up the way you like it . It does look nice I just happen to like jungles ,lol.

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Welcome to the Jungle, Louie.....lol

The tank was actually supposed to be sized different, and have 7 sections, 3 each side, and a middle media area,

but they kind of goofed it up, and it was custom made, so I went with the sections this way, instead of starting all

over again. I had nitrite and nitratre readings today, so I am almost cycled. I'll give it another day before I change

90% of the water and set the parameters for the shrimp, and let them go to their new home and watch them close

for a few days.

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