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Our first batch of Benibachi Japanese Bee Shrimps are here!


Benibachi Japanese Red and Black Bee  shrimp are known worldwide for their intense colour, bright white shade and all round stunning beauty. All our Benibachi shrimp are imported directly from the Benibachi breeding facility in Japan. 
Benibachi shrimps are available in 3 distinct patterns (Band / Hinomaru / Mosura) and 3 grade levels for each (Low / Mid / High).  There is also a 4th Mixed Band grade (mixture of low grade band / hinomaru shrimps)
Shrimps are generally sold as unsexed juvies (~ 1.5cm) .  Adult M/F pairs can able be special ordered from Benibachi (contact us for availability and pricing)
Please note that prices are in Canadian dollars and I only ship livestock within Canada


Shipping is $25 for overnight express shipping to most city.  Free shipping on livestock orders over $200
Ships from Calgary, Alberta, CANADA


For our first order we decided to bring in some Hinomaru Mid Grade Black Bee shrimps. These are currently in quarantine and will be available shortly.


BENIBACHI Hinomaru Mid Grade Black Bee shrimps
$69 ea. / $59 ea. for 3 or more.




th_SKA-038718_zpsz4mim9yn.jpg th_SKA-038717_zpsx7gdc2tl.jpg th_SKA-038713_zps1wxanyxx.jpg th_SKA-038699_zpssgmqtqdc.jpg  th_SKA-038696_zpsqwqtzi4p.jpg th_SKA-038695_zpsaxsogrvi.jpg


th_SKA-038662_zpsmxmi7ic0.jpg th_SKA-038647_zpshkfqlbnd.jpg th_SKA-038645_zpshuq1ioei.jpg th_SKA-038638_zpsao6xxzck.jpg th_SKA-038631_zpssp9p62iu.jpg th_SKA-038564_zpsnse3ouiw.jpg



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