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Salty Shrimp Questions

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Hello all,


Due to some unexplained shrimp deaths I have decided to change water parameters.


First I am going to 100% RO water.  Still going to bypass the DI stage for now.


Now for the questions.


1.  What is in salty shrimp GH/KH, and what are the ratios of calcium, magnesium, etc?


2.  What is in salty shrimp bee shrimp GH?  Ratios of calcium etc.


I am using this for tigers and neos .  I would like to continue to add Seachem equilibrium to the set up as well for the health of the plants as they have been doing great.  I have been thinking about using SS GH/KH for some KH, going for around 1 or 2 KH.  Then adding SS bee shrimp GH for more GH.  Equilibrium will add GH as well and no KH, but as I understand there is quite a bit of potassium to the mix.


So now for more questions.


3. How many tablespoons of GH/KH per 20 gallons of water is recommended for neos, tigers? (They are both in the same set up.)


4. How many tablespoons of salty shrimp bee shrimp GH per 20 gallons of water is recommended?


5. How much equilibrium will be safe to add to the mix?


I had some salty shrimp gh/kh which I never have tried before but it looked like I was getting deaths from bad molts, so I added it directly to the aquariums, and since then have not lost one shrimp.  Even though I should have.  I added to well water ro/mix that was in the aquariums that already had KH in there so guess what happened to the PH. Knew it would happen, but tired of shrimp deaths.  I'm filling the reservoir with pure RO right now and ready to order and add what is recommended here, and I have some SS GH/KH for maybe a week or so.  Going to do some water changes over the week to get the PH back down slowly to what it was.


Thanks much! :thumbsu:


PS  I also have quite a bit of Seachem Alkaline Buffer and some baking soda of course, so I could just use SS BS GH and that right?

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I would use ss gh+ for bees and tigers. I use it for my neos too and they do fine. Shrimp don't need kh and bees don't like it anyway. But if you want I guess you could use some alkaline buffer, I wouldn't go over kh 2 though with bees.

I don't know the ratios, sorry. But I do know it's made for shrimp so whatever it is they will do good with it.

What kind of plants do you have? I use only ss gh+ in my take with cypts, guppy grass and rotala and all the plants are doing well.

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I'm so sorry. I posted wrong. It is for tigers and neos.  I'll post up what plants I have. I use seachem flourish as well so if I have to stop using equilibrium I could. The plants are just doing so well since it is designed for plants too. Thanks much for your help.





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