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Hello from Norcal!


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Hi everyone, getting back into the shrimpin hobby.  I just purchased a 12gal long mr aqua and will be setting it up as a my display tank.

It's so exciting to see how PRL is back in popularity and all the new variations of TBs. 


If anyone can point me in the right direction, i'm looking for some blue bolts!


Here's a picture of what I have now.. Been out of the game for so long don't even know what is what. 


Started off with about 15 then it dwindled down to 6. Now I have too many to count!

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Blue Jelly!


Sadly enough, other black and red Taiwan Bees will often make jokes and pick them last for shrimp games on the playground.


There is a non-profit organization that will take these disadvantaged shrimp in and give them the special-needs care they require.


The Shrimple Minded Disadvantaged Shrimp Foundation, PM me for more details!   ;)

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Hehe. Will I have to donate 1$ a month to feed them also? :)

It's strange how I have so many blue jellys and dragons. They started to mutate themselves, didn't add anything new. Also have a few with green looking ones also.

It's amazing how they're all alive. I haven't checked parameters for 2 years and only topped off my tank to 7 inches when it gets low.

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The green ones are commonly referred to as green-hulks.


There has been a long standing debate if the blue and green colors are actual mutations, or if these are just discolored Black King Kongs (perhaps due to mineral deficiencies or water parameters).  I've seen several discussions where some are having success maintaining and breeding the blue and green colorations, however the majority of opinions lean toward "poorly" colored BKK/Black Pandas.


That said, they are awesome looking shrimp and in my opinion you should enjoy them for the awesome shrimp they are.


Keep up the great work.

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Ahh nice. I was looking into buying new minerals for them. I use mineral+ forgot the brand but it was old school. I feed them Shirakura and fluval, used to use barely but after half my stock died I stopped.

And yes! I love how they're blue, I have about 20 juvies. They seem to have a harder time getting passed baby stage. :( thinking about separating them into my new tank. Just don't know how well they do with ferts ans co2

Also. Is it possible to get a red bolt without having a blue? I have 1 juvie that looks like a red bolt but can't really tell cause he's so small.

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And yes! I love how they're blue, I have about 20 juvies. 


Many people have related that they see the same blue coloration in their juvenile shrimp, however it then goes on to darken to the classic black coloration of BKKs and pandas as they mature.


I don't know the answer to your red bolt question, but I'm sure someone here more experience than myself can chip in with an answer to that question as well as add information to our conversation above.

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TB can throw just about anything from my understanding. :)

It's pretty crazy, I have all types of TBs now. Tempted to mix in pinto. :)




Joe's Aqua has very nice Blue Bolt.



Thank you. Was just looking in my tank today and found 2 blue bolt juvies. Ha! Saved me some money hehe

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