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Looking for BB, BKK, TB's, Panda's


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I am looking for Blue Bolts, Black King Kongs, Panda's, and TB's.

I have $240.00 total cash to spend, so I am looking for any deals.

I also have 4 large xmas moss sheets, and 4 small xmas moss sheets to trade and some equipment too.

The xmas moss sheets were made by Han (h4n) so you know they are quality. The large xmas moss on stainless steel sheets are 7 1/2" X 8" and I have 4 of them. The small xmas moss sheets are 71/2" X 3" and I have 4 of them. I keep them in a tank with a grow light on top and they look awesome. Han's work is great and I paid good money for them, but I ended up not needing them because they didn't do my tank dimensions right.

I also have two new Tetra Whisper air pumps, still in the box air pumps, the small ones, plus 6 new shrimp feeders, a bag of black moon sand, and some other various supplies, all to trade for shrimp.

I am looking for the best deal I can get, as I lost a bunch of my starter shrimp stock to worms. So, I had already spent a lot of money on my shrimp that was lost. Bummed me out big time.

But my new tank is set, (see my journal), and I want to just get Blue Bolts, TB's, BKK, Panda's, and

the BKK/Panda crosses. Maybe SSS CBS. Those 4 kinds are my favorites. If anyone could throw in any that are berried, that would be awesome!

Anyway, that is what I have for cash and trade, so I will take the best deal anyone can give me. I am in need of any help I can get right now because of the loss.

Thanks Doc - message me, or email me at doc4pc2@gmail.com

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Oh, when I think of TB, I think of the BKK and Panda cross. I thought that was what a TB was or Taiwan Bee? 

Or do they call them something else?


Either way, I am looking for Blue Bolts, Black King Kong's, Panda's, and crosses of those.


But after what happened, now I only have $240.00 cash to spend, and I have some great large xmas moss sheets made by Han to

trade or sell.

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Here is the photos of what I have for trade or sale. Email me if you are interested or message me. And Thanks!


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TB are bkk, panda, wine red, ruby red, shadow panda, blue bolt, red bolt. they are all part of the tb family and can all be put together. bkk and panda are not cross just diff pattern but yes they are tb. im not selling yet i have 8 and no babies yet not till about end of summer with some luck

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Ahh..... the TB's I like are the BKK / Panda, but I like all of the TB's u are talking about too.

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