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Hi from Duncan, BC


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Hi all, 


I've kind of already introduced myself in a few of the other forums, but wanted to do an official intro. 

Im Nicole, I live in Duncan, British Columbia and I currently have two tanks, a 20 gallon community tank with guppies, white clouds, cardinals, a thread fin ( she lost her friend, hope to get another), an albino bristlenose, a nirite snail and two kuhli loaches, and then my 10 gallon which is my shrimp tank and hosts 30+ rili shrimp, a couple of guppy kids which won't be in there much longer and some nirites. I chose rilis simply because I have access to them for a great price and the colony I get them out of have some neat variations. If I had easy access to others I might add them to the group, but most of the local fish stores charge rediculous prices for very basic shrimp! I just love watching them and seeing all the fun colors and patterns, and watching the little shrimplettes as they grow! 


I joined cause I was having a few issues with molts and such, and also just love looking at all your beautiful shrimp! 


Anyhoo here are a few pics of my crew.. my guppies are an interesting mix of a long line of super fancy guppies I've had for years that I recently crossed with some pink endlers and some japanese blue swordtails.. gave me some fun results! I find guppies impossible to get good pics of.. they never stop moving so the pics really don't do them any justice














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Welcome Blue! We are glad to have you, keep asking questions and we will help solve your molting issue.

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