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molting issue or some other problem?

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hi guys,


would like to solicit again for some advice as i recently have been having some weird deaths.... water parameters are :


ph 6.5

TDS 300

GH 8

KH 0

NH3/NH4 0

NO2 0


and im also keeping neos... i have been having some unknown deaths .... they all seem to die like after they molted... i dunno what could have caused it but the dead ones feel really soft like no exoskeleton.... i dunno if i have been over feeding them with too much protein that they molted too soon and got stressed out... but i feed them every other day... just one wafer or stick for about 60 neos....


just want to figure out what could the possible causes be.... as my parameters seem to be fine... or is my GH too high for neos?

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yeah i kinda figured that out... i will starve them for 2 days... and feed them once every two days see if that would help.... minimize or stop the death rate... one thing im trying to figure out is what is stressing them after a molt where they couldnt recover... could too strong a flow affect it?

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