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need a heater ASAP

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You'll get lots of opinions - I'm guessing - as this usually seems to be one of those topics where one brand works great for some, but not others.  I have found that the Aqueon Pro heaters have worked well for me.  They are not made out of glass, and I like that a lot.  I always verify the temperature with an external Thermopen cooking thermometer just for my own sanity.  With any heater, I have found it's not a good idea to completely trust the dial reading.  All that being said, the Pro line has been working for me on the tanks that I need a heater. 

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I am a diehard Ebo Jager fan. I've had a number of other brands just stop working. The only thing that bugs me is how they always seem larger than others if similar wattage. But I'll wrestle them into submission rather than trust a cheap heater with maintaining an 82 degree tank in a 68 degree room (Fahrenheit).

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What's the manufacturer?! WANT!

(For context, I suspect that I may have gotten a parasiticide into my tank via my hands. These drugs and chemicals are designed to kill certain invertebrate parasites and often are very toxic to aquatic inverts.)

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My favorite of my heaters are the remote control ones.  I can set the temperature from the outside of my tank instead of having to adjust under water every time.

How cool is that? I have to second Chib's request for a brand!

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I use ViaAqua remote heaters for my warm water shrimp.  Never had a problem with them.  I'm sure other companies make them, too.


It has three cords:


1)Black electric cord to the outlit


2)Black thermometer cord with a black "bullet"/suction cup on the end you put away from the heater in your tank so it can read the temp of the water


3)Black cord to the stick heater in your tank


I have an old manual dial version



and digital



I like the digital one best- and I think that may be all they sell now (?), but if the power goes out, it has a safety of resetting itself to 78 when the power comes back on.  Again, they have new models since mine though.  Both work beautifully.


I just pounded a nail/screw into the wall and put my controller on it. :P




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Cost is around $30-40 depending on the size you need.  Temp range is around 60's to 90's F.  Wattage ranges from 50w to 300w depending on model.


Unfortunately it's too expensive for all my tanks since they are not on a central system, but in my dreams I'd have one for every tank.  I like them that much, and it minimizes risk as chib said!

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