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1st Berried TB


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I just wanted to share my excitement of finding my first berried TB. 2 of my 3 actually. Per a previous post I believe all 3 of these blue jellies are female unfortunately so i introduced a TT male into the tank. Took some time but finally 2 berried. Cant wait to see what this blue jelly x TT cross will look like.

Bad pic as it doesnt really show the blue coloration but I spy some eggs.


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Im seeing the first baby shrimp in the tank. These are TB crossed with TT. Still super small so these are the best pics I could snap with a cell phone, sorry. Excited though so wanted to share.

The first pic has at least two in it and the mother behind. Reminds me of wheres waldo.




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Here is an updated pic of my blue jelly tb offspring. The baby shrimp numbers seemed to decline the past month and i can only find one or two now. Im hoping there are more hiding in moss but i dont think so. I also added about a dozen crs and cbs mix to the tank 2 weeks ago. Going to try the mischling route since my two adult TBs are both female. No berried yet though.



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