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Maracin 2

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Below are the water parameters.  I added salty shrimp GH KH on top of it because it is all I had.  Yes it spiked an alkaline PH.   SS GH + will be here Thursday.  Thing is it has not changed the pattern of the deaths at all.  2 more yellow neos and tigers are gone yesterday.  Did not get any deaths for 3 days after adding SS GH KH.  Don't know what the bacterial infection looks like but wyggles said some shrimp have the white tell tale signs of a bacterial infection.  Kind of at a loss and really don't want to lose the rest of the colony.  Fry have been doing well.  Just adults dying off.  Do you have any ideas?





Ammonia 0

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 0

PH 7.4

Temp 73

GH 8

KH 3

TDS 198

Copper 0




Other water parameters


10% Well water, 90% RO.  Well water for KH.

RO system 150gpd at 2 TDS

RO remineralized with Seachem equilibrium

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I am going to ditch the equilibrium for now in the shrimp tanks.  Going to 100% RO with SS GH+.  Have some seachem alkaline buffer and acid buffer should I have trouble with no KH, and PH.  Shooting for 7 to 7.4.


We have IAL in the tanks now, and have had them in for quite some time.  I'm not sure how effective they are working due to the purigen removing the tannins.


We have CFS medi mix on the way with the SS GH+.  Ordered that from the shrimp tank.


Will Maracin 2 work for bacterial infections if none of this works?  Is it tetracycline? 


Wyggles still thinks the shrimp have signs of bacterial infection.  2 tigers show signs of it currently to be a bit more accurate.  The deaths started occurring after we bought some red tigers from an auction.  We did not have random deaths before the tigers were introduced.  In fact it was thriving.  None of the red tigers have died, since their introduction.  The red tigers have been living in the system since August 20th, 2015.  Could they carry and infection and not die from it?  We did see one red tiger that had signs of an infection about a month ago and removed it.


I'm not trying to argue with you on the equilibrium at all.  Just trying to get this figured out before we loose the whole lot.



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There is an additional REMOTE possibility IF you introduced shrimp recently.


Sensitivity to introduced bacteria.


Shrimp in one aquarium have gotten used to their own bacteria in their environment.  Put those same shrimp in another tank/environment and one of two things can happen.


1) Nothing and both shrimp strains do fine.

2) one of either strain will start dying because they are not used to the newly added bacteria from the opposite environment. (Most people never experience this.)


Not saying this is what is happening because a majority of the time you won't see this, however sometimes it does happen.  I own three racks of tanks and I've seen it- but only due to working with so many shrimp.  Usually the deaths will start happening within the first 1-2 weeks of introduction.  But again, the odds are against it- especially if you own just a small number of shrimp tanks.

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Interesting considering all 8 tanks are on the same sump system.  Also deaths started occurring about 2 weeks after introducing the red tigers.  If this the case, even remotely, what would be the best way to proceed?   I'm inclined to think it is some type of sickness based on the data I have. 


Still not ruling out equilibrium of course.  But I did have a thriving colony before the introduction of the red tigers, even with equilibrium, and in part due to the well water having minerals. I only used 10% well which gave me a KH of 2-3. I have no idea of the mineral content in my well water. The plants seem to love the Seachem stuff.

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I can take any aquarium on the system out of the loop and put an HOB on any of them.  But, at this point all the shrimp in all the tanks, except the red tigers, have been dying.  As far as a water reset I can make a max of 150 gallons of RO a day.  I route that to a 110 gallon reserve tank which I pre heat to the same temp as the breeder set up, and mix re-mineral.  I could easily do a 110 gallon water change per day.  Total aquarium system volume is 210 gallons.


I'm not sure what the best way to go about a water reset would be.  I could perform a 110 gallon water change today, but all i have on hand till Thursday is SS GH/KH, and some equilibrium.


Thanks much for you help.

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I wouldn't worry about the equilibrium.  Tomorrow remin, change most of the water out, and hopefully it will stop/slow down the deaths.  The big thing right now (assuming it is introduced bacteria/pathogen) is to remove most of it, and let the good bacteria have a change to take over.

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.... +1 on an infection that the new shrimp were living with but not dying from, especially if we are talking about different species or strains of shrimp. One species can easily and often harbor something that doesn't make them sick but will kill a different species that catches it. Within the same species, it can still happen due to variations in individuals.

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I am going to post some photos of what my other half believes, and she knows way more than I do, is a bacterial infection. I can really see a difference once she pointed it out in the color and clarity.  Please correct both of us if we are wrong. My other half has seen it in the system with various shrimp since the deaths started, and we did remove the tiger that had it originally to start with.


Photo 1 shows one of the shrimp in question with 2 healthy shrimp in the back ground.  Compare the color, not so much the focus. Camera is not all that great and aquarium photos are a pita.  All of these shrimp used to look good with none of the white in any of them.




Photo 2 shows a close up of the same shrimp in photo 1.





Photo 3 shows another shrimp in the same tank in the moss.  There is white inside.





Photo 4 shows another close up.





Please tell me if this is a bacterial infection and more importantly how to cure it.  I do not care about the BB.  I have almost a gallon of Fritz zyme 7 that will repopulate BB in no time almost instantly in fact.  Do we soak the food in the treatment or treat the whole system or both.


I really appreciate all of your help so far and once again thanks!


I did a 110 gallon water change this evening.  PH is now at 7.4.  I plan on daily water changes until this is cured.  None died today that we know of.




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One tip to not go hog wild on the water changes.  Unless params are exact each time, this can really stress them out if done repeatedly.


If inside is paper white, it's bacterial.  If wax paper, sometimes tissue density is different from shrimp to shrimp.  Took me years to learn that.


Remove any suspected individuals to an isolation tank.  Doesn't have to be fancy- even a plastic storage container can be fine.


Lots of different courses of treatments, but none proven very effective.  Usually once the whole body is white, they're a goner, and you don't want to risk one dying and infecting others through ingestion.  However, having said that- A promising treatment has been Seachem Kanaplex at regular dosage.  If the bacteria is a negative form, it has possibilities of working.  I know some shrimpers who said it worked wonders for them.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Happy to report that it would appear so far that the Kanaplex is working quite well.   There have been no deaths since I dosed it last Sunday.  I have seen no shrimps with any white at all.  I dosed according to Seachem's instructions.


I did do some large water changes every other day until I started dosing.  100 gallons each. 


Many new shrimplets have hatched and are doing very well.


One more dose on Tuesday, will wait two days, do a water change, add some matrix carbon for a bit, turn the UV back on, and put the purigen back in.  I will also add some Fritz BB and some Dr. Tim's Eco Balance.  Replace the floss, and let her rip.


I have not tested water parameters for BB die off, but will and report the results here when I do.


Thanks again for the Kanaplex recommendation.  It seems to have saved this colony.

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Got back home last night and no deaths. K1 is still brownish like it should be. Have some new baby Tigers. No white shimp. Seems like this is behind us.  Going to call this problem solved.  Tanks again for all your help, and could not have done this without the help of this forum.  

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