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Best temp given my situation.

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I have the other post going, but figured since this was a different topic I would start a new one. After this I should be set! :D


So I have a 22g TB tank and a newly started 12G Neo tank.


I have a Jager EHEIM heater in each. I am not really sure if they are calibrated 100% correctly, but I tried. I have a digital thermometer in each tank and I have been watching the temperature. I had some troubles with high temps in the summer, but a fan seemed to help a lot with that. Now the big thing is my place gets warmer in the evenings.


This morning my TB tank was about 71.5F and my Neo tank was 73.3F. That looks perfect to me! Now when I got back this evening my TB tank was at 74.5F and my Neo tank is 76.4F which I believe is still in the range of both shrimp types, but temp swings aren't usually good.


My heaters are not on and I haven't noticed them turning on at this temperature so I am going to assume the ambient temperature of the room (living room) is increasing the temperature of the tanks. As far as I know all of those temperatures are fine for both TBs and Neos, however my question/issue is if that is too much of a temperature swing throughout the day?


Once it is colder I highly doubt my tanks will ever get higher than what my heaters are set at, but currently the tanks are getting hotter. Do you think a 3 degree temp swing throughout the day is too much for either shrimp? Would it be worth increasing the max temp of the heater so they are just constantly at 74 and 76?


Thanks in advance!

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I keep my Taiwan Bee tanks between 72-74 F year round. I don't use heaters so I can't chime on the your Jager calibration. 

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As I understand it, the greater concern is "sudden" changes in pH and Temp that would likely occur during water changes.  A slow, climbing temp increase is not something that is usually considered harmful.  Now, a prolonged stay (think multiple days with no relief) at the high 70's will probably not make your TB's happy, but normal day fluctuations most likely won't be cause for alarm.  I know my tanks regularly fluctuate, and heat waves in the summer is the only time that I have issues, otherwise they just roll with the flow.

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My way to do it.


I got the thermometer above. calibrate it with ice/water mix ( for 0 degree C) and boiling water (for 100 degree C).


after that, this is my temperature reference. then you can use it for calibrate Jagar heater.

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