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Only 10 Green Nessie Neos - SOLD!

Soothing Shrimp

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I was surprised last night by receiving a change in meet schedule via e-mail for my daughters gymnastics. Amazing to me how they can just do that. ugh Anyway that means her bill has to be pd ASAP. So...here's my Nessies for Nadia once again up for sale. :)


This is a new strain of green neo created by myself with several years hard work. Very few people have these from me, so be one of the first! Colors range from blue-green, lime green, almost painted black dark kelly green, and lots of shades in between. All shades can happen in one clutch. Fems often have more coverage than males, of course. Young juvies sent. Unsexed at this age. Breed true.

I only have 10 to sell right now!

$15 ea.

Priority shipping $10 to anywhere in the continental US.

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All 10 are pending folks.  Thanks for the interest!  They (and other inverts) will be coming up for sale as needed for my daughter's gymnastics.


Nadia and I appreciate your support folks!  Thank you!




Please excuse her steri-strips and glue.  The photo is from the ER and It was either that or stitches, and she wanted to minimize the scar. heh


Gymnastics is a dangerous sport with no season off.  But she loves it! :)

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