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CO2 injection methods w/ Eheim 2211

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I have an eheim 2211 (classic).  I'm trying to figure out the best way to get CO2 dissolved in my water.  I hate seeing little bubbles coming out of my outflow and have been experimenting with reactors, but my flow rate doesn't seem to be strong enough to turn the little impellers that supposedly mix the CO2 into the water. I have a pressurized CO2 tank with regulators etc.

I noticed I use a pretty popular canister filter, so I thought maybe someone would have found a solution, or have a suggestion for me?

Thanks in advance.

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When I used to aquascape exclusively I used the normal diffusers inside the aquarium, but if your not to happy with the micro bubbles from the CO2 I would suggest Green Leaf Aquariums in-line diffusers, when I did use this product it was fantastic!

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Do you put it in the inflow tube or the outflow?  The website says the outflow...


I have mine on the inflow because my tubes are set up really short. You could try it on the outflow first and if you're seeing co2 bubbles i'd switch it to the inflow.

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