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The Juniperus moss - Ciclodotus aquaticus


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The Juniperus moss - Ciclodotus aquaticus

living submerged (like its scientific name also expresses clearly), in high stream water, but also in regular tanks... here is one of the largest mosses you will ever find: 20 cm long can this moss achieve, growing slowly (at least this is what i experienced) does not need necesarrily CO2, but that can surely help.

if any question, simply let me know.

I expressed clearly that i will bring as much order in classification as that is possible ( in case of long established mosses, where the origin is "blurry" this will be almost impossible), but i will really work hard on this.

when you use this moss, keep in mind that it might get longer as all the others , so use it the best for stable backgrounds in nanoscapes.






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hi there,even if it partially looks related to fissidens, i have to clear the informationthat this species belongs to the Ciclodotus genus, a different one. 


but i also have to say.. i have seen many species lately... from the ones that are not directly fissidens, thisone is a very important species for the hobby in my oppinion, because it is very different in structure and has a stable, exclusive form.


i was also very impressed when i saw it first. 


it seems also seldom, i found it by accident in a trip where i was after fissidens rufulus, and made about 40 miles by foot , though forrest where no mobile phone works or any civilisation (house) exists.


i am not really sure that i will ever go to that location again, because it was a little to extreme even for me. so because the moss grows slow, this species will be scarce for a while..

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