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TB terms

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ha ha ha sure ill fill in what i know. do we need pics?



from being on other groups and what not this is what i know of


black king kong (1 and 2 bar)(can also be shadow ie blue tint to the white)





shadow panda



blue bolt



when it comes to the reds 

ruby red (1 and 2 bar)



ruby red dragon



wine red (red panda, red shadow)

wine red dragon



red bolt



dragon is the black marble on the red of either ruby or wine red


then there is:

crystal whites



green hulk (thought to be poor colored bkk and most tend to be black by adult hood)

blue jelly 


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This helps us newbies get a better grasp on what a TB can be too. So, post on........

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soothing i put the pic you posted up with the list hehe. i have also asked permission to use some pics im sure you all could guess who from lol. i dont think speedie would mind but still always like to ask and directed him to the page so he can see what for.

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Extremely hard to come by.  Crystal whites are thought to help strip layers of coloration.  Ie Hulk from KK, etc.


Kinda funny that people don't want to use goldens because it strips the white in crs, but will use crystal whites for TB to help strip the black.

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That's interesting I see goldens are cheap. Was wondering why people,put them in TB tanks.


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It is awesome. There is tons to learn for tb on top of care for crystals. Gestation periods. Maturity periods. Genetics. What crosses with what to get what like pintos. Just so much information that could be one spot. I agree this should be stickies and added to when anyone has new info

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