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Hello from Ontario, Canada :D

Shrimp Life

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Hi All!


I really am enjoying this site and the informative posts, its hard to find alot of detailed shrimp info online and this site is helpful, warm and fun... I've been following along for 1+ months so far.


I am from Ontario, Canada, just North of Niagara Falls. I got bit by the shrimp bug a few years ago, and Its highly addictive, and rewarding. I am currently keeping a number of Neocaridina and Caridinas. I have Green Jades, Blue Dreams, Blue Dream Rilis, Painted Fire Reds, Orange Sakura - I also have a tibee and taitibee projects ensuing. Blue Bolts, Shadow Pandas, Crs, Cbs, Mischlings.


I don't think I have a favorite. LOL they are all my favorite!


I also am a fan of the planted aquarium, and I love cultivating different varieties of Mosses. Fissidens, Java, Christmas are my top 3.


I hope to learn more as I go along in this hobby. There really is alot to learn, and alot to be gained by success. 


Since I know everyone loves pics, Here are some of my shrimp...















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Where exactly N of Niagara Falls?  I am in Woodstock, so I guess you could say Im N of Niagara Falls too LOL

I used to be in Burlington 45 mins from the Border and could get my shrimps shipped to the US address place on

Witmer Rd there.  Now being in Woodstock its much harder to get down, miss my shrimp trips.

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