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selective breeding basics

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Been doing tons of reading and decided i want to try a selective breeding project. I plan on trying to bring out the red stripes that appear in some blue pearl shrimp. I figure since they were hardy enough to survive a week lost in the mail with no more than a spoon full of water, that they will be easy to keep and breed.

What special equipment and extra tanks will i need? Right now i have about 20 in a 10 and i have an empty 10 i was planning for yellows but will consider using it for this project. I've read about breeder boxes and was thinking about getting some but only if they are vital.

Any tips in general? Thanks.

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Right now keep breeding them.  Soon you'll have around 100. 


  • From those 100 in tank A, select the best 10 for your trait and move those that don't match your criteria over to tank B.  Your "cull" tank.
  • Breed those in tank A some more, and then select again.

It can literally be that simple.  :)


It can get lots more complicated, but especially in the beginning- keep the fun in it!


Welcome to my side of the world! :D

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