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very long stem of flame moss


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here picture of it.. it is about 25 cm long, at least 10 inch lenght.


i get this moss from a good friend of mine taht really keeps in best conditions such moss and is letting it growing slowly. 


i really like how nice it can get if you leave it alone, and not disturb it.


i also added now some images with the tank in that this moss is kept.


let me please know your opinion on this.. maybe most of you have such nice wild tanks... and i am not one of those as i work more with fissidens genus...





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I pruned some of my flame moss yesterday. I fear that in a fluval spec 3 it will have to be pruned forever or the aquascape will vanish.

So I wage my war on the flame moss. I still have one piece to trim but I'm worried as to how much substrate it will dislodge if I pull it out of the tank.

On the upside the half I pruned yesterday completely covered a 2"x6" mesh and with the last siftings a ~1"x1" square, so once that grows in it can be transplanted onto drift wood in the main tank.

I'd prefer to do the drift wood in mostly fissidens but it is not growing like the flame does.

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