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Lowering gh


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Hello shrimpkeepers

So i did a topic like this , and didnt got that much help so i need to do it again since i think the high hg in my tank is killing my shrimps.

How do i lower the gh in my tank without RO water?


Thanks and have a wondefull day :D

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Ultimately, when you get to your desired gh, you want to


  • take out and add the same amount each water change (ie. 10%-20%)


  • have the same gh in your new water to match your tank water's gh


  • Add pure only when topping off what evaporated because the gh and minerals are left behind. :)
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http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DOG63OY?keywords=ro%20buddie&qid=1445582373&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1  This little guy is what I use for my RO water.


It's cheap and works great,   Both KH and GH are at 0 fresh out of the unit and I remineralize with salty shrimp bee GH+.


I put mine on a 2 way valve off the hookup for my washing machine so that It's only used when I need RO for the shrimp tanks, and the waste water goes out the same pipe as my washing machine drainage.

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