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PRL and Mosses


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Read the statement in bold below:  Pretty much you’re responsible for your end and I’ll be responsible for mine (I won’t send stuff out if my area has a snow storm or heat wave).  If you don’t mind the risk, I don’t mind sending the items.  Insulation is available to give you better odds if you do want to take the risk.


I don't guarantee packages above 85F or below 50F (please check your night time low usually when it gets cold). Please check the weather in your area before placing your order. Packages must be received on first delivery attempt.  Clear photos for proof within 2 hours of package received.  Guarantee excludes shipping cost. 


Shipping options:  All packages will come with confirmation/tracking numbers


$12 - Shrimp Priority insulated (extra cost because of Kordon bags)

$10 - Moss/Plants Priority insulated

$6 - Priority Small Flat Rate (no insulation)

$3 - 1st Class Shipping


Pure Red Line Shrimp - Original Stock from Ellen Wang (not mixed with other strains)


  • Cost:
    • 10(+1) for $50
    • 22(+2) for $100


  • Size:
    • 1 cm to juvenile size – unsexed


  • Pattern wise:
    • A-S grade
    • Red tips (antenna)


Shrimps being sold have good coloration (good PRL strain), good white and good red.  They should have red legs as adult.  These are not regular CRS, I have a lot and need to make room, they are eatting too much, and I want to improve my pattern. 


Note: These shrimps are roughly the same grade I started a year ago with at $20 each.




Add $2 per shrimp for sexed adults 1:1 ratio

Add $2 per shrimp for S+ pattern - v-band, tigertooth


Have a pattern, sex, or quality in mind?  Inquiry on individual shrimp for sale.  Please let me know how much you are willing to spend per shrimp and I can give you an idea of what I'm willing to part with at your price point.


Mosses:  Tied to lava rock


$10 - moss sp. 610


$10 - mini rose moss


$15 - Fissidens sp. "splachnobryodies" – mini species


$25 – Fissidens sp. “miroshaki” – slow growth, grows short (like a palm) (act fast only 3 left)



Mosses:  Golf ball


$10 - Fissiden geppi - thick bodied fissiden, slow growing



Mosses: Flat Moss Patches

$25 - Pick 3 patches from below, mix and match or all the same however you like (each patch size ~1.5 x 2 inches)

- Fissidens sp. "geppi"
- round pellia
- Callicostella sp. "gunung sumpti"
- Taxiphyllum sp. "french guayna"
- fissidens sp "fox"
- Callicostella sp. "Pancuraji"
- Pilo moss
- Vesiculara "mini"









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