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How to switch to RO water

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Hello shrimpkeepers :D

I currently have a tank with tap water (cycled, with a few shrimps) everything is going okey but not the gh and since i want my shrimps to have the most ideal water parameters possible im gonna make the change to RO water but the deal is i dont know how to do it.

Should i put the shrimps in another tank, fill the one i have with RO water let it cycle , then add the shrimps?


Have a nice day ^^

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Net out all the shrimp into a separate container.


Siphon water till 2-3cm away from substrate.


Add RO water and mineralizer into tank.


If u added mineralizer into RO water beforehand, you don't have to wait a few hours.


Wait a few hours, acclimate shrimp and add some bacteria boosting product like Stability.

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