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Molting issue or genetic deformity?


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Hey yall-


So i feel like i have seent his in another post somewhere, but i cant seem to find anything on it...but i hope you all can help.


In my Oebt tank i have a few shrimp that have a spot on top of their shell towards the middle of their back closer to the tail where there is a gap in the shell.  I'll try and get photos later but i want to say i read somewhere that it is a genetic deformity from inbreeding?  Or is it something missing in my tank that their molts are causing it?


Anyone have any ideas based off my crappy description? 


EDIT:  Here's a photo.



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no much lower than where the saddle would be.  but think how the head starts to seperate from the body before a molt, but closer to the tail than head (about 3/4 down the body) and it's always there...like it looks like they broke their back...pics will definitely come but after work...

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Never seen that before. 


Offhand I'd guess the body is growing faster than the shell.  What percentage of protein are you feeding, do you know?


If it is genetics, the juvies would display this too- and shrimp researchers would be interested to see what DNA is responsible for this.  Better to rule out food first. ;)

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probably more protein than anything else... i rotate shirakura ebi dama special and bw multipara once a week, bw barley twice a week, sl aqua more meat once a week...


i'll cut back on feeding..maybe just do snowflake and barley for a while with a treat every other week...


but now im thinking about that here's the rub.  i feed the same food to my TBs and they all seem fine.  this is only showing in the OEBT.  Basically i have 2 daily medicine dispensers that i have the food sorted out in and i rotate them between tanks each week.  i feed on M, W, F, Sat.

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