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willow moss (fontinalis) collection, 7 morphs


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the fontinalis genus , like fissidens is also a complicate one... as you can see in the pictures, these plants really are different in structure. it might be just a geometry situation and that there are maybe only 5 species up there, or it can be also otherwise.


the macrophylla i just bougth from an online announcement (the guy did not know exactly what he had there, he called it just mos, it is fontinalis antipyrectica ssp macrophyla for sure, as i have already started to study old presenved specimens when working with this genus), the next 2 morphs i managed to find by myself, then the next 2 i received as a gift, they come from another country. the 6 th was a species that i received a year ago, it might be fontinalis duriae, but in fact i think it is anotherone. and the last one from left to right was also found about 6 month ago... 


all these morphs ( i call them thisway because i am niot certain if they are same or different species) are different in appearance, in geometry and in way they grow.


after i am done with my first priority , that is the fissidens genus (i am now at about 20 species) i willget further to fontinalis, as that is the next most important genus in my oppinion for our hobby.


none of the above species comes from any mainstream shop or hobbist.

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