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What the heck have I done? Raising wacky freshwater inverts?!


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Hi all, cleaned my Fluval Edge highly modded/established tank and I can never bear to flush baby guppies, snails, or shrimp so I filter water changes throwugh a fine net. At the beginning of last summer- around May- I had a huge number of what I thought were little napuli from one of the shrimp but in all this time they haven't gotten bigger than 4mm to half a cm. They glide very quickly around but settle in the bucket they live in. I was trying to see if I could raise shrimp in just a bucket with some decent substrate and live plants and sunlight with minimal water changes due to live plants and little wasted food. They are brownish. 


I'm going to put one under the stereoscope soon for a pic but thing is I have never seen Gammarus in the fluval. Ihave a gorgeous betta and lots of Endler's and guppies which would eat them but you'd think I would still see the occasional Gammarus if they were in there. 

Is it possible they are just super slow growing shrimp due to the less than ideal conditions? 





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