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RKK Mischlinge and neos in one tank


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I know, I know it's not good for neos to live in lower ph conditions but my question about something else.


I have a divided 5.5g tank with neos in it. One half has a big mama (I think she is PFR) and her babies, the other half is for small colony of 9 females and 6 males and their babies (I think they're at least high sakura grade). I started this tank for CRS or mischlings but from time it was cycled (end of July) only neos lived there. On Oct. 2 I bought 7 mischlinge and added them to the half with one big red mama. The mischlinge never bodered her in any way.


Today I received 10 TB and wanted to add them to the mischlinge, especially it seems like one of mischling females is almost ready for mating. It seems like I have 2 mischiling females, one of them got berried on Hallooween. So I cought 5 what I think are males and dropped them in the other half of the tank.


Now I see the males mischlinge are chasing my neos in kind of aggressive way (and looks like they are bulling only adult neos).


So, what should I do? I have a new tank that is almost ready to go (I have some nerite snails and 2 cherry males in there as lab bunnies and they're doing fine). Should I get the males and put them to the other tank? Or leave them with neos and everything will be fine after they will get "to know" each other?

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The male behavior might just be the result of a female molting or ready to mate. In my mixing of neos with tigers and TB's I can't recall any issues if anything Neos tend to out produce TB's and can out compete them for food.


If cherry's are anything is resilient so I think they will be fine till the TB's move out.

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