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USA Importing/Exporting Regulations

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3 minutes ago, usgetata said:

What I don't understand is that if I am doing the customs myself, the exporter (shrimp seller I assume) will just ship the package to the airline cargo area with my name as receiver?

When I was talking to the seller in Taiwan, he asked me to find a shipping company. But when I found a cargo company to do the shipping, they asked me to find a broker who can clear live aquatic animals. (Which I couldn't find any in Miami area)

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So let's say your exporter uses china airline to ship. Once it reaches the airport at Miami, the package will remain at china airline cargo area.

You will need US Fish and Wildlife clearance before going to customs.

Once US Fish and Wildlife clears your package, you will have to go to customs office if you want to do it yourself.

Once customs clear it, go to china airline cargo area and provide them customs release paper. 

They will then tell you to go to the cargo area to pick up your package.


Custom Brokers for live aquatics is VERY hard to find. 

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13 hours ago, OMG Aquatics said:

Packages are shipped by air cargo and will remain at airline cargo area until customs release.


Pretty sure if doing this legally, the only way to have it delivered to your front door is if you hire a trucking company to get package from airline cargo area to your door.


Your exporter usually picks the airline.


Please note that every exporter I've found requires payment first via wire transfer. Wire transfer sucks because if your exporter screws you over, there's nothing you can do to get your money back and it's usually in the thousands. So be careful!


Yup what OMG said :)


For International imports most of my cargo came through United, for all my US air cargo I went through Southwest Airlines (cheapest, most hubs, easiest to get in and out of)


If you wanted it delivered to your house you would have to go through a broker that would hire a courier to deliver it if its fairly local, or that would have it reshipped via fedex or something.


Make sure you trust the person you are dealing with over seas, I actually arranged to meet with in person my Australian exporter for Weedy Sea Dragons when he was in the states, and then only dealt with places over seas that I was referred to by trusted individuals that work at public aquariums. 

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There is a way to file for an exemption from the inspection point of this process so that you can have them shipped directly to you.  I know nothing about it, except that qualifying has to do with making a case that shows the delay would cause hardship for the animal being imported. 


I think if it applied to any animal, it would apply to shrimp.

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It should be in this order,

Importer sends to USA or European Trans-shipper,

Trans-shipper receives box at customs, after cleared inspection,

Trans-shipper takes them home and tanks them, contacts YOU the buyer, then ships to you the customer (more shipping rates again do apply}.

Now They can go through Your original purchased stock and take any higher grade stock and replace it with their lower grade culls!


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