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Welcome to the International Marketplace!

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We've been getting members here from South Africa, Australia, Europe, Canada and so forth.  We're thrilled to have you! :D


To make it easier to get in touch with members selling or buying from your own country, and so you don't have to go through the mess of wading through all the US posts to find sales items to buy, we've created a separate marketplace section just for you! 


YOU are THAT important to us!!!


Our goal is to encourage you to continue to make connections without having to deal with those pesky importing/exporting laws, and having to search for someone around you.


Family is family, no matter where you currently reside.  So, as family, you are included in our brand new international section!




A suggestion for selling/buying headings to make it easier to locate each other in this new section is to simply state where you are located, and your title.


Ie. Oz- CRS for sale




Canada- OEBT wanted



We hope this will make your experience here as members more enjoyable!  And thanks for being a part of the Shrimp Spot family!

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Below are the Marketplace rules.  These rules are subject to change at anytime and will change as the forum grows and develops.


  • As in all online sales, LET THE BUYER BEWARE! The administrator and his moderators maintain no responsibility for any of the transactions that occur in the Marketplace, with the exception of transactions we participate in personally.


  • Please remember that all sales must be done through the Marketplace or Sponsor section.


  • Please remember to set a price in for your item(s.)


  • Please post in the Marketplace only for yourself, and not someone else.


  • Most sellers/buyers prefer to use paypal.  Through paypal you have the option to send money for goods or as a gift.  Please be aware when you send money through Paypal as a gift, you are giving up any rights to reclaim your money if a deal should not go as planned. Paypal will not allow you to file any sort of claim against a gift payment.


  • Please don't link to your item running at an auction site.  The marketplace was created for members to sell/buy from here.


  • If you have a problem with your transaction and it is not resolved, members are able to alert the forum membership about their personal transactions by leaving feedback on the transaction.


  • If you had great experiences with the seller/product you bought, members are able to write their praise by leaving feedback on the transaction.


  • Please don't post ads for things that are illegal or offer to ship to other countries unless you are doing it correctly and have the necessary paperwork and licenses.  Know the laws regarding import/export and make sure you are following them.


  • Lastly, at this time there is no current minimum posts requirement for posting here or restrictions on commercial sellers. I just ask that you participate in the forum and help create an active community. 


Thank you for being part of our forum. :thumbsu:

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