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1st International Shrimp Competition US November 2016!!!

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Discobee has this info:



Pulled the following info from the 2015 International Ornamental Shrimp Competition in Taiwan. For every group you enter you will submit 3-5 shrimp as you submission. To get an idea of what the judges will be looking for in each please check the photos below.

  • Crystal Red / Black
    A - Mosura
    B - Hinomaru / No-Entry
    C - V shrimp / eye teeth
  • Black King Kong
    D - Mosura
    E - Hinomaru / No-Entry
    F – Panda
  • Wine Red (Red King Kong)
    G - Mosura
    H - Hinomaru / No-Entry
    I – Panda
  • Blue/Red/Pink Bolts 
    J - Blue/Red/Pink Bolts 
  • Pinto (Zebra)
    K - Black Zebra
    L - Red Zebra
  • Pinto (Spotted)
    M - Black Spotted pinto
    N - Red Spotted pinto
  • Pinto (Red / Black Fishbone)
    O - Red / Black Fishbone
  • Pinto (Tiger pattern)
    P - Red / Black Tiger pattern pinto
  • Red / Black Tigerbee
    Q - Red / Black Tigerbee
  • Golden Eye Species
    R - Golden Eyes
  • Innovative and Creative Innovation category
    S - Innovative and Creative
  • Neo categories used in China competition:
    Red / Bloody Red
    Yellow / Orange
    Blue / Green
    Black / Brown"
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Wow! I need to start the selection process now. This is a giant leap for the US.

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Would it be awesome to say that I already got the approval to go?


Is there a website or anything up yet?

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My wallet already hid itself.


And don't forget to budget for all the fun things there are to do in the chicagoland area. Of course a trip to the Shedd Aquarium seems appropriate (and not inexpensive). Then you can all drop a little hint in the comment box that they should have some dwarf FW shrimps :)

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