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I have done OEBT in an acidic tank before. I believe it is hard to do but this is what they were breeding at for me. I think I just got really lucky.

ADA Amazonia

Temp: 74-76

Ph: below 6

GH: 5-6

Kh: 0

TDS: 150-180

Again take that with a grain of salt. I was surprised they were even breeding (especially since I only had 1 female and 2 males haha). They had 3 clutches before I took the tank down.

I believe most Tigers prefer to be at Fishprinceofca's water chemistry

Good luck!


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Temp: 68-72

pH: 7.4

GH: 7

KH: 2

My parameters match this pretty closely. Although i would say my shrimplet survival rate isnt great. My tangerines do well but my red tigers are lacking in breeding unfortunately. I believe this may have been different factors at play here though. I was using tap water until a couple months ago (now ro with remineralizer) and I believe the water flow in the tank/o2 was low causing some dead spots in the tank. I increased flow and added an airstone and i believe shrimplet survival and over health is already better.

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