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Treating Ich


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I love arows, wish Ihad space for one! I wouldn't use potassium chloride to treat ich. Its used as fertilizer and to adjust ph mainly in planted and marine tanks. (Correct me if I'm wrong) Some people have has success treating ich with temperature alone. If Aro's can handle a 10-12 day period of temperatures from 82-86 you can go that way. Adding aquarium salt is supposed to help the fish produce more mucus coating therefore sloughing off the cysts that contain the parasite. Personally I've tried the heat and salt combo with no effect. Some strains are more virulent. Unfortunately i have had to use medication in order to treat my fish.

Some frozen foods can contain ich, I believe brine shrimp to be the culprit in my tank. That and the fish was stressed. Removing stressors and adding stress coat during water changes has reduced his fin nipping as well.

Good luck to you and your arowana. Post pics when fishy gets better :)

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I don't have any advise but just to want to say sorry. Ich is not fun and nowdays is not so easy to treat anymore. Hope you will fight it over and your fish will be healthy and happy again!


Good luck!

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