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Nana's Forest


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- Tank: 7 gallons rimless

- Filter: Jebo 501

- Light: Mr. Aqua Ultrathin LED

- Substrate: Black aquarium gravel

- Hardscape: Small driftwood, lava rock

- Flora: Anubias Nana Petite / Mini Xmas Moss

- Shrimps: Black Diamond Neos / Malawas (Thanks Soothing!)


I am not done with the hard scape, but I feel as if it is good enough to share with you guys (and girls). Currently have my mini xmas moss tied down and growing on some SS mesh.





The name is play on words, not only is there a ridiculous amount of Anubias Nana Petite in the tank, but it is also the nickname of someone who is very close to me.

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Looks really great! Need pics of your shrimpies too  :D Love the black substrate with all the Anubias, nice job. 


I'll get around to that eventually. The substrate looks great, except when half of your shrimp are black... that was my fail.  

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Really like what you have done with the little space you had to scape. Nice work!

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Love the setup.  The background is awesome, so is the minimal HOB.


Hope you really enjoy this tank.


Thank you, it is painted the same color as the walls of the room it is in. The HOB is a little underwhelming but it does its job.


Very Nice Tank. I love the anubias!


Anubias Nana Petite FTW! Love the plant, easy to take care of and looks great.


Really like what you have done with the little space you had to scape. Nice work!


Thanks! Scaping is my background now starting to get into the shrimpin' game.

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I like the way it was before because it made the focus on the right side of the tank the nana's. Also before the blocks added a subtle touch now they kinda overpower the tank and become more the focal point.


For visual design try to stick to odd numbers as apposed to evens so use blocks in groups of 3,5,7, etc because it adds a natural effect (the wife added this since shes a graphic designer lol)



But that's just my opinion lol.

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Time for an update. I have moved many things around and have finally had some more time to work on my tank. It is still not how I want it, but it is a start. 




Got rid of 1/2 my nana petite and added some buces and mosses. This tank is my shrimp / planted / grow out tank all in one. That is what happens when you work, go to school and do not want to have to cycle and throw more money into other tanks. Originally I just had black diamonds, but now I also have Malawas and 3 Tigers that I picked up from a local breeder.

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