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Blue Mini Diminutus Crayfish


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Same here I have one that is an orange/brown color, one very dark blue and a few younger ones that are a light gray/blue color. My ph is 7.6 with Ecocomplete substrate, heavily planted with lower light plants, cypts, Anubias, etc. The guy I got them from had several tanks with them along with CRS and CBS, which really surprised me but he claims the shrimp are too fast so the predation is minimal. I was not about to test this so they are in a tank with some big nasty Amano shrimp and some Corys.

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I started out with blue.  They bred blue.  But then they were turning black.  I've been chalking it up to my ph being 7+.


Then some more breeding and I had some brown ones too.  Someone told me a ratio of 50/50 is common.


Someone else told me males are brown.


I've not had any turn whitish, but some people have.


Honestly, I've heard such contradictory info out there, I'm not sure anyone has figured it out yet.


Interesting that water params can have such interesting effects on colors. 

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I bought beautiful blue ones from Soothing that went brown not long after they went into my tank. We've tried lowering ph but all remain brown. I have no doubt that it is our water because they were all absolutely blue on arrival. I must admit that although blue would be cool, they are still cool critters regardless of color.

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I feel the same.  All other crays I have owned have been very aggressive.  These dims run up to each other, wave their claws and then run away. heh


I can keep lots of adults in a single tenner tank, whereas cpo when adults need their space.



I keep together and have bred a pair of White Allens outside but 2 years and not one of my Orange CPO's has ever bred inside nor outside .


Doing well but never an offspring .

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I got some from shrimp ricky. It is very important that they are blue, because I have a blue themed aquarium. My pH is slightly below 7, why are these crays not blue, instead they are more white. They have been in the aquarium for over a week. 


I'm no expert on dwarf crays and others here might disagree but other than Cambarellus shufeldtii  I find dwarf crays even more delicate than shrimp as far as PH and showing their colors if PH is not to their liking .


The bigger crays I have found much easier .


I looked into blue Diminutus and read lots of comments like yours .


As far as dwarfs ,I keep CPO , Cajun dwarfs and some CPO/Cajun hybrids which happened by accident and surprised me considering my pure CPO's never breed .

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for in ada aquasoil my cray are greyish-blue,  i did notice when prepping some for shipping they turned more blue.  I think there might be other factors other than Ph that affect their colors like temperature and oxygen levels.  

I know north american crays like lower temperatures so maybe something under 20C / 68 F) and or or less oxygen?

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