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Fluval Stratum buffering or what?


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I use tap water for my tanks and for my shrimp tank (newly setup) has a pH of 6.6. However, my tap water pH registers at 7.6 and my fish tank has the same pH. My 10g shrimp tank does not have much but a moss wall, heater, sponge filter, fluval stratum, a rock (this did not alter my pH when it was originally in my fish tank) and some floating plants.


Is it the Fluval Stratum causing this pH drop?


My parameters:

gH: 9

kH: 1-2 (doesn't register blue, just goes straight to a pale yellow upon first drop)

TDS: 295 (last checked)


I'm currently stocked with Yellow Shrimps. Would this affect their breeding? I had one shrimp molt successfully today.


Lastly, I plan to stock some Tiger Shrimps, would this be a suitable pH for them?

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This is what I pulled from fluval's website " The inherent properties of Fluval Shrimp Stratum will help support a neutral to slightly acidic pH, ideal for most shrimp and plant species."


Ah yeah, I realized it had buffering potential, but prior to buying it a lot of people said it had no buffering effect. I guess it's working? haha. - Since I'm using tap water I realize the buffering affects will soon subside. 

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Fluval Stratum does alright, at least for me.

I use it in several Neo tanks, and have a Mischling/TB tank that is doing well. The TB are not breeding as quickly as other tanks, but I'm still getting quality, and hopefully raising a higher PH strain =)

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