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Fish that require same water parameters as shrimp? Help...


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 I have a 10 gallon cycled tank that I want to use as a backup system for my shrimp. Just in case of emergencies, so

I have a tank all ready for the shrimp, if something were to happen to my main shrimp tank.


What is the best way to keep it cycled? Is there some tropical fish that would do fine with shrimp water parameters?


Should I just put in some ottos and plecos, and use them to keep it cycled?


Water is:


RO Water with Bee Shrimp Minerals GH+


TDS - 135 to 150

Temp 72 to 73 degrees F

PH - 6.4 to 6.6

KH - 0 to 2

GH  - 4 to 6


Had dual sponge filter, penguin BioWheel 200 HOB, air stones, Malaysia Drift Wood, 1/2 Xmas moss floor, and Xmas moss on one side of the wall, two peat pellet cups, some decorations.


Anyone have some advice on how to keep it cycled and going, so it is always ready for shrimp, in an emergency?

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So you aren't going to have baby shrimp in there?

I just looked at alot of threads about this all over the Web, everything I read said anything but Ottos make having a colony harder (not impossible) but since it isn't your main just a back up maybe that isn't a concern and alot of options open up.

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Louie, that's a good idea, so I could keep a some plants in the tank and nothing else, and with the water parameters that I keep for shrimp, the plants will keep the tank cycled?

Like moss, anacharis, and cabomba? Will those keep the tank cycled with no animals?

I do have a section setup for the baby shrimp, and I keep a small otto in each section where the shrimp are, but that is only fish I allow with the shrimp is the otto, because everything I know, says, that the otto is the only fish that is 100% safe with shrimp, even fry.

But this extra 10 gallon, I want it to have the same water parameters as the main shrimp tank, so that I have it incase of an emergency. So, it's there, if all of a sudden I have to transfer them all to the emergency tank, it is ready, and they will be alright in the 10 gallon temporarily.

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that's a good idea too, I could still put some fish in there to keep it cycled, and then put in the breeder box, so the fish can't get to them.


Does anyone know of some fish that do great with the same water parameters of the Shrimp? With the low ph - 6.2 to 6.6 max, 72 degrees, KH of 0 to 1,

Gh of 4 to 6, TDS of 150, RO water, etc?

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            A planted tank will keep the tank cycled but looking at a planted tank without adding something is hard too do , lol.


  I had an extra 20 gallon in my garage but finally caught a fairly tame wild leopard gecko which was living under my dryer in the garage and put the skinny fellow in the tank , got him/her some crickets .

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lol , I can see your point, for sure....

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