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flesh color and shell color

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Does anyone know which variations of neos have their flesh colored and not their shells or maybe both? Just curious because I've noticed some of my blue pearls with white flesh and when moving my rcs culls to their new tank i noticed their red color on their shells will go away for a bit and i can see their light blue flesh. When their red returns they're a brownish color, so I'm guessing to get purples you'd need red flesh and blue shell?

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True bloody mary is red flesh, clear shell.  (However most being sold today are fire reds)


Pumpkins are orange flesh, clear shell.


BV are clear shell blue flesh- as are blue rili.


Yellows are clear shell yellow flesh.


You also have green flesh and clear flesh, but both have pigments in their strains.




BP with clear flesh is where snowballs came from.

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