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Cool to know the fishbone pinto's have the racing/skunk stripe on their head portion. Your assumption is correct that the racing stripe is most often on females, though it still is possible for males to also get it (especially the selective bred strains of Golden back yellow Neos, which depending on the given strain, many males would have the racing stripe).

But yep, can't wait to see what the F2 gen will look like.

The wild racing stripe trait isn't nearly as common in Caridina Bees as in Neos right? I've personally not seen very many Bees with the racing stripe, though I'm relatively new to the Bee scene. Though I guess most of the Bees we see have been crossed and selective bred a lot that the wild racing stripe would nearly never be seen. But I can't see I've seen many wild Caridinas with the trait either (except maybe Malawa, Amano and other larger Cards? Not so much in wild Tigers or Bees?)

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On 6/28/2016 at 6:46 PM, slycat929 said:

Any updates on the f2 generation?

The f2 generation was just born recently. I had quite a few females from the f1's become berried.


New f2 baby



F1 mother



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On 9/4/2016 at 8:15 AM, Soothing Shrimp said:


Not too much to update. There are still plenty of pregnant females in the tank. A few of the f1's were crossed back with the original parents. While the rest are f1 x f1. This dragon looking pinto that showed up as an f2 baby is pretty neat. Also, I really like the head markings on these shrimp. If these head markings show up on some of the pintos from this tank then I think I'm on my way to something special.





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It seems like forever waiting for these guys to grow.

I do have another tank all ready for them. Just waiting for them to get a little bigger before switching them over


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